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Our center/camp is managed by religious brothers and sisters of Kkottongnae.

The greatest reason why the poorest people come to Kkottongnae (meaning = Flower Village) is the lack of love that we do not love people with. 

So we are running "Kkottongnae Retreat Center/Camp" for those who have a lot of mental and spiritual difficulties and for the souls who want to pray quietly and meet God, in a deep mountain and in the clear air. We would like to give them the power to love again through a deep meeting with God in silence with all our hearts.

This place is said to have been called the "Oasis of the Desert" because the Native Americans have long been healed when souls and bodies are exhausted and tired.


  • Mrs. Irene, an eager member of Kkottongnae in Korea, lived in Los Angeles after emigrating to the United States. Even though it was a long distance, she was good at making food, and she used to help with the kitchen there whenever she needed to help Kim's Temecula Protestant retreat.

  •   One day, the owner of the nursing home, Kim, said that he was no longer able to operate the nursing home due to the onset of cancer. Mrs. Irene said, “How dare I meet Father Oh. I can't say that. ”

  •  * After that, Mrs. Irene had a great view of Temecula and was too good to pray quietly, so you unknowingly wished 'this place would be 'Kkottongnae'. Later, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, she prayed every day for three years.

  • At the same time, Fr. Oh Woong-jin, who was invited as a lecturer at the Los Angeles Holy Spirit, visited the Los Angeles Kkottongnae and held a mass. At the end of the Mass, Father Oh Woong-jin was inspired to convey:

  • “I was going to go there after the mass for someone to donate the land, but it was not God's provision. The Lord says in spirit: 'I have prepared a great land. It takes over an hour here and there is water.'”

  •  As she listened to her words, her heart beats faster, and she felt compelled to speak without talking. So she raised her hand and introduced Temecula. “Actually, I prayed for three years that Temecula, the desert oasis, would become a flower garden.”


  • Immediately, Father Oh Woong-jin and sister Seo Chun-won Thadaeo, who was the head of the US Flower Village, headed for Temecula. At that time, there was no building available so that the people around them said it was ruin.

  • But Father Oh Woong-jin and his party could see green trees in the desert land. The fountain that was not dry was still flowing. The place where the Lord led was the place where water was, the oasis of the desert.

  • A Soul Oasis where souls with no place to rely on, and no power to eat, drink the water and bring life to life with love.

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